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About Me

Hello 👋

I'm Andrew, a part Kiwi but mostly a third culture kid who’s now living in Spain. I work as a Conversational AI Designer and since 2021 I'm the Head of Conversational AI & Bot Design at SentiOne, based in Barcelona.

My mission:
To create truely humanised and natural communication experiences

After working as a VUI tester in the early days of Siri, I saw the potential that this technology would have on future human and computer interaction. I was always eager to improve it as much as I could: better recognition, better localization and better conversation design.

At Caravelo, I had the privilege of crafting chatbot conversations in the travel industry. I helped build, design and train 10 chatbots over a range of channels and languages. I was heavily involved in building automated features, conversational flows and set Caravelo's chatbot style guides and best practices. As well as this, we maintained large AI training data sets and scaled across our 10 chatbots.

On the product side at Caravelo, I was also a conversational AI platform specialist, aiding our product roadmap and supporting marketing.

Now at SentiOne, I'm leading a team of conversation designers building chatbots and voicebots over a range of industries. I have been focused on developing our multicultural teams' conversation design and project implementation skills.

As a department head, I also help direct the product development of SentiOne's proprietary conversational AI platform called Automate, a low-code bot builder and NLU.

Currently, I'm building generative AI bot solutions and product features, utilising Large Language Models such as OpenAI, Cohere and SentiOne's development models.

Oh, and in my side role at SentiOne, I record our product onboarding voiceovers for tutorials and marketing videos. Watch them here.

Check out my conversation designs and portfolio

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Head of Bot Design / Conversation Design
Apr 2021 - Present
Product Specialist - Conversational AI
Jul 2018 - Apr 2021
Chatbot Trainer
Nov 2017 - Jul 2018
Final Cut Pro
Make (Intregromat)
AI Training
Conversation Design
User Testing
Bot Testing
Team Management
Product Planning
Content Strategy
Content Management
Project Management
English (native)
Spanish (intermediate)
Polish (intermediate)
Auckland University of Technology
Bachelor of Communication Studies - Digital Media | 2005
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
Diploma in Aviation Management | 2014
Chatbot Trainer | Nov 2017 - Jul 2018
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