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Talks and Speaking

SentiTalks - How to leverage ChatGPT in conversational AI chatbots

A LinkedIn live video talk that I ran for SentiOne's live series called SentiTalks.

See on LinkedIn Videos.

Build an AI bot in 20 minutes - live webinar

A live webinar showcasing SentiOne's Automate conversational AI platform.

Voice Tech Summit Middleeast September 2021

Industry Presentation: How to Build Powerful Voice Bots in 2021? Hint: Use AI!

Interview at SentiOne

Do chatbots sleep? - Q&A with SentiOne Bot Design Team

Voiceovers at SentiOne

Automate platform: Key features to build bots people want to talk to - SentiOne Automate

Listen platform: Social Listening - SentiOne User Guide

News and Articles

Bot Building blog series & eBook

This was an ongoing series of blog posts, articles and guides covering all aspects of bot building and design. It has now been recently put together and published as an ebook.

See entire series here.

My portfolio featured on Botmock and Chatbots Life

How to build a great chatbot design portfolio

What are Chatbot/AI Trainers?
Not all of our intelligence is artificial: meet the Caravelo trainers

Using Botsociety.io for Chatbot Mockups
User Stories

Chatbot Stories
Chatbot products I've worked on in the news.

Meet MARVIE – Scoot’s new virtual intern and transactional chatbot
Donna answers 80% of Swoop enquiries
Guide to Chatbots
5 reasons why chatbots can now be valuable to airlines
How AXA uses an automated agent to engage millions of customers

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