Conversational Flight Itinerary

As we have built a number of airline chatbots at Caravelo, we designed conversational flows to display flight bookings. Chatbots were required to display a flight itinerary by inputting and validating booking parameters, such as a reference code and personal details to match.

Instead of common data input fields, a couple of questions were created to ask users their details and recognise them using natural language understanding (NLU).

Enter your booking details conversationally


Email a copy, add to your booking
Add extras such as baggage


 The Request


  • Worked with developers and product managers to outline development required
  • Established what inputs are required for managing a booking
  • Created conversational flow for obtaining correct details accurately
  • Created fallback error messages: when booking/user details incorrect
  • Added Facebook "Send to Messenger" deeplinks buttons with data carrying booking information (allows immediate retrieval in-chat)
  • Created follow up options (upon displaying a booking) based on popular user queries


  • On average 60% of new bookings are opened on Toby
  • Booking retrieval and resend email reduced contact centre queries significantly

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