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The Story - Kaki

In Malay, Kaki means close friend or buddy. Kaki was created to be the buddy of Marvie, airline FlyScoot’s customer service chatbot, to serve employees in the workplace.

FlyScoot is a growing budget airline in South East Asia. With the increasing number of employees they wanted to replicate the success for Marvie to serve their staff internally.

Welcome message

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Onboarding for employees


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The Problem

  • Workplace content, policies and procedures lacked organisation
  • Many staff systems and tools
  • HR staff overwhelmed with basic queries from 900+ employees
  • Content needed to be customised by employee type (cabin crew, ground crew, flight crew)


  • Created the ‘Kaki’ persona based on being a helpful workplace buddy
  • Trained existing employee questions and continued to train from employee test interactions
  • Reviewed and adapted content for a conversational interface
  • Designed conversational flows to organise common HR/employee topics


  • Managing and adapting large content sheets of HR policies
  • Implementations and adherence to Facebook Workplace policies
  • Training the AI with non-standard English (Singlish)


Installed Kaki on Facebook Workplace as a custom app for FlyScoot employees

  • Average 800 sessions per week
  • Average 90% issues resolved from employee feedback
  • 65% of users in 2019 rated Kaki a 5/5

My Role

  • Involved in initial development planning
  • With our team, adapted content and created conversational scripts and flows
  • Trained AI on new workplace domains based on FlyScoot
  • Peformed UAT testing
  • Continued maintenance and content management with the team

Platform: Facebook Workplace

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