Pepper Bot POC

The Story
This was an exciting collaboration with Humanizing Technologies, who lease out the very cool Pepper interactive robots.

SunExpress, Humanizing and Caravelo teamed up to create a proof of concept to explore the use cases of Pepper in an airport.

The idea was brought to us by the innovation team, who wanted to try out new technologies such as the recently launched chatbot on Facebook Messenger which we built at Caravelo.

The Problem

  • Busy check-ins at airports
  • Client wished to explore automated robots


  • Identified common FAQs at SunExpress checkin, selected 4 for a live demo
  • Using the existing SunExpress Facebook chatbot, we adapted some intents from Dialogflow for use on Pepper
  • Rewrote and adapted existing responses for Pepper's vocalisation
  • Explored and added Pepper gesture motions
  • Created display graphics for Peppers body screen

POC Topics selected:

Boarding Passes

Common utterances were added

Mock boarding pass graphic


Common utterances were added

Visual aids added

Voucher Purchase

Common utterances were added

Mock purchase flow created

Mock voucher printed from Pepper

Example of the script:

Boarding Pass


Could you please tell me how to get a boarding pass?

Where can I get my boarding pass?

Can I use my mobile phone for my boarding pass?

Boarding passes?

Responses + Image:

^start(animations/Stand/Gestures/Explain_6) There are a number of ways to get your boarding pass. You can use your mobile phone if you have checked in online and received the boarding pass. Or you can go check in with my fellow colleagues at the self-service machines or check in counters. ^wait(animations/Stand/Gestures/Explain_6).;!image_url=



Thanks Pepper/That’s great/Ok thank you/Thank you so much Pepper/Great


^start(animations/Stand/Waiting/LoveYou_1) You're welcome! ^wait(animations/Stand/Waiting/LoveYou_1)

^start(animations/Stand/Emotions/Positive/Proud_1) No problem, so happy to help! ^wait(animations/Stand/Emotions/Positive/Proud_1)

^start(animations/Stand/Emotions/Positive/Proud_2) That's great, always a pleasure. ^wait(animations/Stand/Emotions/Positive/Proud_2)

^start(animations/Stand/Emotions/Positive/Proud_3) I am happy to help! ^wait(animations/Stand/Emotions/Positive/Proud_3)

^start(animations/Stand/Emotions/Positive/Proud_1) It was a pleasure to help you! ^wait(animations/Stand/Emotions/Positive/Proud_1)

Animations were used to display Pepper's expressions and personality, combined with audio responses.


  • Successful demonstration performed with SunExpress executives
  • Recorded a demonstration video
  • Sadly, project did not move forward due to budget constraints

My Role

  • Adapted and wrote the conversational flows
  • Create visual aids for Pepper's screen
  • Selected Pepper's animations to be used during the conversation

Pepper Video Demo

Recording courtesy of Humanizing Technologies

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