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Toby was the first chatbot that I worked on. Launched in 2017.

Toby's welcome message

The Story
Toby the tiger is a fun loving airline mascot who expanded his abilities to serve customers. He had to be professional according to his employers. That meant no rowdy behaviour or roaring. He was there to answer all sorts of questions from tigerair Australia’s customers.

He could get away with a little bit of mischief, but not too much. His bosses would find out.

But he worked valiantly. Answering to nearly 100,000 users last year.

Toby was launched in 2017.

The Problem

  • Small customer service team, not available 24/7
  • Wanted an innovative and interactive solution to serve their customers and compliment existing communication channels


  • Adapted existing FAQs from website and client documents
  • Designed and trained a chatbot (acting as a personal travel consultant) to answer basic queries, search for flights and retrieve bookings.
  • Iterated based on customer interactions and feedback


  • Toby the chatbot installed on Facebook Messenger and as a website plugin
  • 98,000 users serviced in 2019
  • Average 80% user queries solved
  • 91% answered Yes to using a chatbot again in feedback
  • 67% found Toby helpful in their queries

My Role

  • Designed and wrote all conversational scripts and flows
  • Trained and localised the NLU
  • Maintained and updated content

Platform: Facebook Messenger
Media: Meet Toby the Chatbot

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