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This was my first foray into creating a multi-language, multi-channel, multi-brand experience. A definite challenge in consistency and content creation.

The Story - Kris

Kris joined eDreams in 2018 to be a first point of contact for a multi-brand and multi-channel travel agency.

Kris has now gone on to answer over half a million customers, chatting over Facebook, multiple websites and within apps.

Kris also works closely in complimenting and aiding existing customer service agents with effective hand-offs where needed, helping save valuable agent time.

Kris recently made the transition to the native app world.


Kris's welcome message






Multi-brand customisation


Self-service features for reservations
Updated on COVID-19


The Problem

  • Overwhelmed customer service
  • Needed a better self-service experience
  • Outdated help centre pages
  • Required a consistent multi-channel and multi-lingual experience


  • Reviewed and adapted existing help centre articles for a conversational interface
  • Developed customisations by brand and channel
  • Mapped out common flows for self-service tasks (resending booking confirmation, checking reservation status, adding products)
  • Created and trained new intents from existing customer service transcripts
  • Reviewed and iterated from pro-active customer feedback forms


  • Kris installed on 4 brands and multiple Facebook pages
  • Multi-lingual: 5 languages
  • Multi-channel: Facebook Messenger, Web Messenger, App plugin
  • Over 600,000 users served in 2019
  • Average 50% self-service rate in 2019

My Role

  • Designed and wrote English conversational scripts and flows
  • Trained and localised the NLU
  • Established chatbot content management workflows with client
  • Established and maintained our user testing processes
  • Managed a team of AI trainers and translators
  • Design and mockup of upcoming features

Platforms: Facebook, Zendesk Sunshine Messenger (Web & App)
Brands: 4
Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian            

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