Creating Conversational Flow Charts

One of the most difficult parts of Conversational Design is mapping out the flows.

I'm a big fan of Miro, which I use with the team for most of our maps. For larger, more complex chatbots, mapping out the conversational flows/intents are important in order to visualise possible user paths.

It also helps to highlight any dead ends or possiblities to help your users.

Mapping out a central booking intent - Identifying where/when an agent handover is needed

Mapping Customised Responses

The Workplace project I worked on required custom responses by department/role of the employee.

This was a difficult challenge as with some content there were restrictions as to who is allowed to view it.

In my initial work I mapped out the affected content items and identified how to handle conversational flows depending on the type of user (or employee).

An example of mapping different user types

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